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Spa Services

Relax at The Spa at Carter Creek

Thursday - Sunday | 8am - 5pm
Mondays through Wednesday, by appointment only.  Please call to make your appointment 24 hours in advance.
Below pricing is exclusive of any gratuity you wish to leave your service provider. A 20% gratuity is customary for spa services.

Due to high demand and limited hours, resort guests will have priority for spa reservations. Limited appointments for day guests may be available. Please call us to inquire about availability and booking your next treatment.

Phone: (830) 856-2692

Spa & Wellness Menu


Cinnamon Pumpkin Massage | 50 Minutes • $199
Includes cinnamon pumpkin spice massage foot scrub. 

Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Facial | 50 Minutes • $180
Cinnamon is full of antioxidants pumpkin spice is fights inflammation great for rejuvenating new skin cells.

Brightening Facial | 50 Minutes • $180
Brighten the appearance of skin and reduce the signs of aging with the help of our Bright Skin Eminence Products. For all skin types, these two actives – Swiss Alpine Plant Extracts and a Natural Hydroquinone Alternative – will give skin a brighter and younger appearance.

Mom To Be Body Wrap | 80 Minutes • $265
This superlative cocooning ritual will make the experience of an expecting mother unforgettable. It will create the foundation to restore moisture and balance while keeping her body and soul indulged and well nourished, leaving her skin silky smooth and hydrated with Gülçin Botanicals. It's an exquisite replenishing ritual for all skin types and a sublime treatment for Mom’s to be.

Soothing Lavender Balm Massage | 50 Minutes • $180
This marvelous massage begins with the drizzling of warm lavender oils followed by a full body massage with a lavender-infused balm leaving your body and soul relaxed and calm.


Spa Package

Lavender Glow Body Treatment | 50 Minutes • $180
Experience the soothing and calming power of lavender with our Lavender Infusion Body Treatment. This indulgent and aromatic experience is designed to envelop your senses, relax your body, and leave your skin feeling nourished and revitalized.

Citrus Glow Body Treatment | 50 Minutes • $180
Keep your skin well-nourished and hydrated with the use of citrus infused warm oils, scrubs & creams with this body renewal. This treatment delicately cleanses & hydrates and you can continue to pamper your skin at home with these very same products which are available in our spa retail shop.

GentleMAN Glow Body Treatment | 50 Minutes • $180
Experience the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our Gentleman Glow Body Treatment. Designed with the modern man in mind, this luxurious treatment combines the power of patchouli-infused products to leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated, and with a subtle masculine allure.

Bamboo Fusion Massage | 50 Minutes • $180
Our personalized Warm Bamboo Fusion Massage designed to improve blood flow to the muscles by stretching & elongating the fascia of the muscles. Apart from the fact it creates a divine sensation these techniques allows the therapist to work deeper and more consistently throughout the massage. 

Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap with Scalp Massage | 50 Minutes • $180
Reduce visible signs of aging with our Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap. The active ingredients are with antioxidants that will help refine your skin’s appearance.


All Rituals include three enhancements during the session.

Calming Journey Ritual | 120 Minutes • $360
Unlock total relaxation with this two hour total body treatment which will leave you in a complete state of renewal. Begin with lavender infused oil for your massage, followed by an exfoliating treatment and completed with a lavender infusion creme to leave your skin silky, moisturized and rejuvenated.
Finish your spa treatment with scalp enhancement leaving your entire body refreshed from head to toe.

Tree of Life | 120 Minutes • $360
Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience with our full body mud & exfoliation personalized massage. This luxurious 2-hour ritual is designed to detoxify, relieve muscle pain, and provide head-to-toe relaxation with the help of Patchouli oil, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized.

Spa Package

Vibrant Living | 120 Minutes • $360
This utmost lavish and intoxicating ritual incorporates an intense hydration wrap and massage, while deeply relaxing your mind, body and soul. This unparalleled Body Wrap includes and indulgent blend of oils that stimulates a deep sense of hydration while providing profound nourishment.

Wellness Far-Infrared Treatment & Massage | 120 Minutes • $360 Per Person
Treat yourself with detoxifying pain relieving treatment combined with a customized massage to receive your ultimate wellness. First enjoy a 50-minute custom massage in our treatment room with Lavender-infused warm towels, followed by relaxing lavender scalp massage. Next, relax, detox & sleep in our Far-Infrared Sauna with a 50-minute private session. The Far-Infrared Treatment will boost your immune system, detox and heal.


Includes Our Spa Signature wine, Sparkling Brut or Muscat.

Couples Far-Infrared Treatment & Massage | 120 Minutes • $720 Per Couple 
Treat yourself with detoxifying pain relieving infrared treatment combined with a customized couple' massage to receive your ultimate wellness as a couple. First enjoy a 50-minute custom massage in our couple's room with Lavender-infused warm towels, followed by relaxing lavender scalp massage. Next, relax, detox & sleep in our Far-Infrared Sauna with a 50-minute private session. The Far-Infrared Treatment will boost your immune system, detox and heal.

Couples Romance Package | 50 Minutes • $360 Per Couple
Enjoy a romantic spa experience with your loved one. While one person receives the Chocolate Truffle Body Wrap with a Scalp Massage, the other will experience the Chocolate Mousse Anti-Aging Facial.


All our Facials include extractions unless otherwise asked not to perform.
Includes a select glass of Carter Creek Wine

Spa Package

Carter Creek Classic Facial | 50 Minutes • $159 | 80 Minutes • $235
Perfectly suited for every skin type providing a customized facial for the health and nourishment of your skin, leaving you feeling balanced and energized.

Anti-Aging Facial | 50 Minutes • $180 | 80 Minutes • $265
This youth enhancing facial produces dramatic results. Targets fine lines and reduces them, tones the skin, restores texture and your complexion is smoother and more youthful after just one treatment.

Teen Facial | 50 Minutes • $180 | 80 Minutes • $265
Due to differences in skin type our personalized teen facial includes deep cleansing exfoliation, clay mask extractions & customized layers of product applied.

Back Facial | 50 Minutes • $220 | 80 Minutes • $275
A treatment with a focus on your back perfectly suited for every skin type, providing tailored deep cleansing-exfoliation and extractions as needed; this continues with personalized massage with a nourishing mask leaving you feeling balanced and energized.

Gentlemen’s Facial | 50 Minutes • $180 | 80 Minutes • $265
This facial is aromatic, deep cleansing, and hydrating tailored specifically to address male skincare needs. We use highly calibrated blend of products that cleanse the skin pores, removing all the impurities and debris from deep within your skin.

Chocolate Mousse Anti-Aging Facial | 50 Minutes • $180
Our Chocolate Mousse Hydration Masque fights the visible signs of aging. A healthy dose of antioxidant-rich cocoa is great for your skin, and the macadamia, almond & jojoba oils provide deep hydration to leave your skin looking smooth and refreshed.


Spa Package

Eye & Lip Treatment | $60
Indulge yourself with a two in one enhancement targeting a reduction in fine lines around the eyes and nourishing dehydrated lips.

Spot Treatment | $40
Our spot treatment for acne assists in reducing severity of acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads when used routinely.

Rosacea Treatment | $60

Exfoliating Peel | $60
Enjoy the benefits of an exfoliating peel during your next facial. Experience zero down time, restore natural radiance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce dark spots, and enhance skin to reduce dullness.

Anti-Aging Face Mask Treatment | $60
Collagen boosting, wrinkle reducing will leave your skin radiant.

Neck & Decollate Mask Treatment | $80
This mask is designed to repair damaged skin, detoxify your pores, calm, and purify.

Beard & Scalp Treatment | $60
This facial enhancement helps treat and maintain the facial skin with beard oils added into the facial massage, complete with warm towel wrap.
The scalp massage utilizes patchouli gentleman beard & scalp oil.


Includes a select glass of Carter Creek Wine.

Spa Package

Carter Creek Massage | 50 Minutes • $159 | 80 Minutes • $235
Our classic massage is tailored & customizable to your bodies' needs, utilizing long flowing strokes with altered pressure increasing circulation, relaxation, and providing an overall sense of well-being.

Basalt/Himalayan Salt Stone Massage | 50 Minutes • $175 | 80 Minutes • $250
Select Basalt or Pink Himalayan Stone
A traditional hot stone massage used to melt away stress and tension as the heat from warm Basalt Stones gently penetrate deep into muscle, while inducing a sense of calm and reconnection. An innovative healing technique using warm Himalayan Salt Stones to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system, and meridians. Salt crystals from an ancient primal sea bean the Himalayan Mountains are hand carved into massage stones that gently soothe away an accumulation of stress, tension, and pollutants, bringing the mind, body, and spirit into balance.

Deep Tissue Massage | 50 Minutes • $175 | 80 Minutes • $250
This massage is therapeutic providing deep relief, which can provide healing for sports injuries, chronic pain, and tension relief by manipulating fascia and connective tissue.

Pre-Natal Massage | 50 Minutes • $175
Providing comfort and care during this very special time, the gentle touch of massage couple with careful stretching during pregnancy, benefits both mother and baby decreasing arm and leg swelling, while relieving join pain. Perfect for 2nd and beyond. 

Couples Massage | 50 Minutes • $360 | 80 Minutes • $460 (Per Couple)
Relax with your loved one as our therapists perform a massage with alternating pressure point.

Cocoa Massage | 50 Minutes • $180
Full body massage with warm soothing cocoa. Cocoa butter is rich with antioxidants, which not only keeps
your skin soft hydrated & younger-looking, but fights damages that causes aging and dullness.


Spa Package

Focused Back Massage | 25 Minutes • $85
Our focused back massage addresses the targeted area and the opportunity to relieve stress & tension in the specific area.

Scalp-Neck & Decollate Treatment | 25 Minutes • $85

Lymphatic Drainage Massage | 25 Minutes • $85
Relieves swelling and eases tension using a manual technique involving gently manipulating specific areas of your body to help lymph move to areas with working lymph vessels. 

Feet Reflexology | 25 Minutes • $85
Our reflexology journey starts out with a drizzling of warm citrus oil, followed by exfoliation of the feet, and massage until the crème dissolves. Followed by wrapping each foot with warm towels, focusing on one foot at a time, pressure points are targeted to relieve tension. 


In an effort to exceed your expectations we have added multiple enhancements you can add to any massage service.

Spa Package

Indulge Your Back
This treatment will leave your skin exfoliated, hydrated and well nourished in those hard to reach areas.
$60 with Take Home Products - 2oz

Scrub Soothe the Sole
Tired feet? Look no more; the journey begins with drizzling warm citrus oil followed by exfoliation smoothing your soles and providing a relaxing massage for your feet, until sugar scrub is completely dissolved. A warm towel wrap leaves your soles soothed.
$60 with Take Home Products - 2oz Scrub

Treat Your Hands
Nourish and hydrate your hands with citrus oil-scrub-creme massage for your hands and arms.
$60 with Take Home Products - 2oz Crème

Peace Of Mind
Lean back and indulge in this scalp focused enhancement
$60 with Take Home Products - 1oz Oil

Mud in Sauna
End your massage with some much needed relaxation in our sauna with a cooling peppermint detoxifying-hydrating mud.
$85 includes a glass of wine


Facial Waxing must accompany another service and will be performed in the same room

Spa Package

Brazilian | 50 Minutes | $110
Back waxing | 50 Minutes | $85
Full Leg | 50 Minutes | $80
Half Leg | 25 Minutes | $45
Bikini | 25 Minutes | $60
Underarm | 25 Minutes | $50
Full Face | Combined with Service | $70
Brow | Combined with Service | $40
Lip | Combined with Service | $40
Chin | Combined with Service | $40
Half Face | Combined with Service | $40